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We're In It For The Long Haul

Werner Service & Trucking, Inc. has been in business for over 80 years. Our reputation is based upon the quality of service we provide to our customers; we combine safety and service to deliver your load on time.

Every load is a premium load at Werner Trucking and every customer is #1. We specialize in delivery of your load promptly and efficiently. We are in constant communication with our customers and drivers to be your #1 delivery solution.

Premium service to the customer is our number one goal. Our team works hard to get your loads where they need to be and on time to help keep your operation running smoothly.

Our Services

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In The Beginning

Founded in 1933 when Ed and Laura Werner opened a service station, selling gas. A tank wagon service was added in the early 40's.

The trucking part of the business started out as a straight truck hauling grains and coal. In 1945 a hog buying station was started. The business expanded to 5 straight trucks, some of which would haul grain by day and hogs by night into Omaha.

The first semi was purchased in 1946 it was an International and pulled a 40 foot trailer. We expanded the hog hauling farther out and went to Fort Worth, TX; Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI. As these longer distances began, we starting hauling Cattle back to the Midwest.

We quit the service station and tank wagon in the early 80's to concentrate on the trucking. In the long haul livestock era we had approximately 15 trucks running.

The new shop in St. Edward was built in 1994. The trucks were serviced on the weekends after bringing a load of cattle back from the south. In early 2000 we expanded the shop by opening it up to service the many semi-trucks that were increasing in numbers in the area.

The business has continued to change and evolve with the changing landscape of the rural area. We've hauled coal, grains, hogs and cattle, and today we have added by-products from the ethanol plants as well as other products.

We continue to be a family owned business now in our fourth generation of serving our customers' needs.

Located in St. Edward and Columbus Nebraska, we've grown to include a fleet of 21 trucks specializing in tanker, belt and livestock hauling. We  operate mostly in the Midwest and South Eastern states.

We also operate two full service shops and drive-through truck wash on site in St. Edward that has been serving our customers' needs for over 10 years.

We pride ourselves on our safe driving records, reliability, competitive rates, and the ability to meet our customers' needs.

For over 80 years we've worked to build a good solid reputation and have become a name our customers know and trust.

We look forward to serving you well into the future.  

Customer service
Werner Trucking customer service is our #1 priority.
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Driver Application
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