Our Customer Service

Customer Service is Important to Us

Customer service is an important part of what we do. After being in business for over 80 years, we know how important it is to establish solid relationships with our customers.

We do this by providing the best possible service and dispatch personnel. Our dispatchers are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week monitoring your loads, coordinating them and communicating with you and our drivers to ensure your product is delivered on time.

Our Dispatch Team

Mark, Dave and Heath

Fleet Management

Werner Service & Trucking is moving forward with technology. Before long electronic management systems will probably be a requirement of the transportation industry.

We are staying ahead of the game! We continue to make improvements that will positively impact our business and that of our customers. We are working on a fleet management system to improve in these areas.


.     Accurate delivery and pickup times for our customers.

.     Keeping our rates competitive.

.     Answering the question, "where is my load"?

    Idle times and fuel usage. 

Driver Safety

.     Managing time behind the wheel.

    Managing safe driving and encouraging safe driving habits.


    Compliance is a big issue these days and our fleet management system will            help all members of the Werner Team in this area.

.     HOS and safe messaging of customer loads.

.     State miles, stop and start times, location information

Optimizing Our Resources

    Monitoring performances.

    Fuel consumption.

.     Diagnostic codes.

    Thresholds for speeding and unnecessary miles.

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