Driver Achievements

Nebraska Trucking Association presents 2013 awards. Werner Service & Trucking drivers receive a variety of driver achievements each year. Listed are the most recent awards.

Truck safety statistics In Nebraska...

As reported by the Nebraska Department of Roads: 

.     96% of all traffic accidents do not involve trucks

.     85% of all fatality accidents do not involve trucks. Trucks are over-represented in fatal accidents due to their large size.

2015 Accident Free and Citation Free Driving

Congratulations to Don Harms for 19 Years of accident free and citation free driving. Presented from the Nebraska Trucking Association, President's Safe Driver Club. - - - - - - - Thanks for your 44 years of service at Werner Service & Trucking, Inc.

2015 Accident Free and Citation Free Driving

We take safety seriously because being a Professional Truck Driver is serious business. Four employees from Werner Trucking received driver achievements this year, for their safe driving records.

36 Month Awards

Bill Majerus, pictured below in the center is receiving his 36 month certificate for his safe driving record. Bill's certificate is being presented to him by Curt Werner on the left and Dick Werner on the right.

Congratulations to Bill for his efforts of safe driving and service to the customer.

Rex Knopik received a certificate for completing 36 months of accident free and citation free driving. He is pictured here with Brenda Frey our Safety Director receiving his certificate. Rob Coughtry (not pictured) also received a 36 months certificate. Their awards were presented on September 27, 2013 by the Presidents Club, Nebraska Trucking Association.

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