Driver Appreciation

At Werner Service & Trucking we appreciate our good drivers. We celebrate driver appreciation week in September each an event to show them that we really appreciate all their hard work.

We have drivers on the road every day of the year delivering time sensitive loads to our customers and we appreciate their efforts.

(Left) Rex and Toot taking time for a little visit after enjoying a hamburger lunch during driver appreciation week.

(Right) Lisa is helping Bill get his lunch as he stops in for a quick bite during driver appreciation week, then he's back on the road finishing his rounds for the day.

(Above) Lee Howell and Larry Anding stop in for lunch.

Employees' Years of Service

A big thanks and shout out to these employees for their years of service to Werner Service & Trucking. We have many dedicated part-time drivers who run in their spare time as well as our regular full-time employees! Thanks for all you do!

40 or More Years

Donald Harms

Toot Klassen

25 or More Years

10 or More Years

Teddy Buettner

Renie Rutten

Mark Scheiber

5 or More Years

Mark VanDeWalle

Gerald Zierke

Lee Howell

Kyle Majerus

Ron Christo

Rob Coughtry

Join The Team

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"Honestly the best company I've worked for in my 19 years of driving"

Rob Coughtry

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