Safety First

We take safety very seriously.

Use these tips from our Safety First Program, to keep you and your family safe.

High visibility clothing should be worn especially if you are working at night. The reflective properties make it easy for others around plants and high traffic areas to easily see you.

Make a conscious decision to minimize distractions while you are behind the wheel. Stay focused, pay attention, expect the unexpected, schedule calls and texts for times when you are NOT driving.

When using a space heater, keep these tips in mind. Never use extension cords, shut heater off when leaving area, keep combustible materials away from sides of heater.

Ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition before heading out on the highway. Get routine maintenance from your mechanic. Check for leaks, worn hoses and other needed parts or repairs.

When working with heavy equipment, operators should NOT wear loose clothing, which can get caught in moving parts of equipment. Proper work boots should be worn for good footing and protection.

Planning your routes ahead can be very effective in helping to prevent distractions and accidents.

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