Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Safety tips for winter driving will be an important subject as the early morning hours of December 21st bring the start of the winter season once again.

Our semi-truck repair shop managers in St. Edward and Columbus, NE recommend you prepare your semi-truck ahead of this looming winter season. Their safety tips include this quick list of items you should have professionally checked on your rig before the cold weather hits.


Air Dryer


Block Heater

December 21st is just a date on the calendar and actual winter driving for millions of drivers will begin when the first blast of winter weather arrives.

As a long haul or OTR driver you’ll likely face freezing rain, ice and snow at some point in your career. Winter conditions can cause delays and slow driving, but even more, they can be deadly if you are unprepared.

Be Prepared for the Season

More detailed information about our quick list of safety tips for winter driving.


Have your antifreeze/coolant checked before winter hits. It only takes a short time for a professional to check the levels and quality of your antifreeze. Be sure you are using a good quality product for a heavy-duty-diesel application.

Air Dryer

A properly installed air dryer will filter out water vapor, oil vapor and other contaminants, preventing them from reaching the air tanks and valves. This not only extends the life of your air valves, but helps keep them from freezing up during the cold months of winter.


Tires are always important for safety and delivery of your loads. Safety tips for winter driving include good quality tires in good condition. When dealing with winter driving, tires become even more valuable.

Block Heater

A block heater keeps the engine warm for easier starting in the winter months, the engine oil is less viscous and there is less condensation of the fuel.

Other Winter Driving Tips

At Werner Trucking we always recommend you carry extra items with you in case you find yourself in an emergency or even stranded.

    A few extra gallons of fuel treatment and oil

.     Blanket

.     Food – Throw in a few energy bars and a couple bottles of water. Resist the temptation to snack on them and save them in case you do become stranded.

.     Keep your fuel tanks as full as possible. Don’t take off on a long run with ¼ tank of fuel.

    Take along a few tools and a flashlight with extra batteries!

    What else can you do? Other safety tips for winter driving include:

.     Avoiding the use of the cruise control on ice and snow packed roads.

    Take extra time, leave a little earlier and don’t rush.

.     Leave some extra space between you and the driver in front of you.

    Make sure your windshield washer is full and functioning properly.

.     Have your engine oil changed regularly.

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